USSC Alert April 30, 2015 – Brent McNee elected to USSC Board, NFA Gun Trust for USSC members, CCP holder stops mass shooting

Brent McNee elected to USSC Board of Directors.
At the April 15th USSC membership meeting Brent McNee was elected to the USSC Board of Directors by the membership.  He replaces Scott Engen who declined to serve another term. 
The USSC would like to thank Scott Engen for his service on the Board and for his work in protecting gun rights in general.  Scott was instrumental in getting concealed carry passed in 1995.  Although Scott will no longer be serving on the Board he plans to stay active in the gun rights fight.
Brent retired from the United States Air Force in 2009. He was a competitive shooter in the service for seventeen years and has some significant accomplishments at the National Matches at Camp Perry and Inter-service Championships at Fort Benning. He has also helped run and organize many national and local shooting events. Brent has been a firearm instructor for over forty years and now teaches at a local gun store. He has been a Life Member of the National Rifle Association since 1984. Brent is on the board of directors of the Utah Precision Marksmanship Society (U of U collegiate shooting activities and Bullseye pistol shooting). He is an avid Sporting Clay, Skeet and Five Stand participant in local activities. He is also an avid tournament fisherman and currently serves on committees for the Utah DWR. Brent is interested in helping people get involved in shooting sports by becoming involved with the many organizations throughout the state and country.
Discounted Gun Trust for USSC Members

The law firm of Spaulding Gomm is offering discounted NFA Gun Trust for USSC members.  The trust is normally $347.00 but USSC members can obtain one for $147.00 through June 30, 2015.

USSC individual memberships are $20.00 per year.  By becoming a USSC member you will not only get a discounted gun trust but more importantly you will be helping us protect your Second Amendment rights in Utah.

You can join the USSC online at:

Join the USSC

If you are a current USSC member and have not received your code, please contact


Once becoming a member you will receive a code that you will enter when completing the online Gun Trust application.  After completing the application it will be  attorney-reviewed by the Utah-based law firm of Spaulding Gomm, PC-Business & Estate Attorneys.  

For more information go to: 

A Gun Trust is a specially designed trust to hold firearms.  It is especially beneficial for those who want to purchase Title II firearms (e.g. silencers, machine guns, short-barreled rifles, or short-barreled shotguns), are interested in collecting firearms, or have firearms that they want to keep in the family.

The ATF has proposed a rule to amend the procedures for obtaining Title II firearms and the rule is expected to take effect sometime this year.  The new rule will potentially require all individuals listed in a gun trust (trustees and beneficiaries) to obtain the approval of their chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) and submit photos and fingerprints to the ATF.  Because it looks like the proposed rule will not affect Title II firearm applications submitted prior to the new rules going into effect, you might consider setting up your Gun Trust now and purchasing those Title II firearms on your wish-list before the end of the year.

Spaulding Gomm specializes in Business and Estate (Wills and Trusts) work, and has indicated that completion of its online form takes about five (5) minutes, following which, one of their experienced attorneys will draft the Gun Trust and email it to you.

For more information on the gun trust please contact Spaulding Gomm.

Friends of the NRA event May 8th

The Salt Lake Friends of the NRA will be having a banquet/auction on May 8th.  This is a great way to help protect gun rights and have a good time.  For more information see:

Friends of the NRA

Concealed Carry Permit Holder Stops Mass Shooting in Chicago
On April 20th a concealed carry permit holder opened fire on an attacker who had opened fire on a crowd in Chicago.
Utah Gun Collectors Association 
The Utah Gun Collectors Association is Utah’s first NRA-affiliated collectors’ organization, offering a meeting place for men, women, and youngsters interested in learning about and preserving historic and collectible firearms and related items.
The UGCA has been a big supporter of the USSC, and they run an excellent gun show in Ogden that focuses on historical and collectible firearms.
For more information see: